Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thursday 12th March

The conditions at the Rec today were suitable to spray the square with iron sulfate to kill off the moss.

I have learnt from past experience that it is essential to dissolve the iron sulfate in advance and then to filter it through some muslin. If you don't do this some small undissolved particles get through to the spray heads and they become blocked. There is nothing more frustrating than having to try and unblock the spray heads and internal filter with a tank full of solution.

I bought some 10 litre plastic water bottles off Ebay (2 for less than £10) to make up the solution the day before. One kg of iron sulfate per bottle and it all just about dissolved. The square needed four of these made up to 20 litres in the tank.

It all worked as planned. A couple of hours and the job was done. Now I will wait a few days for the moss to go black and then it will hours of scarifying to get the dead moss out.

As I walked over the square with the sprayer I noticed that there were a lot of worm casts appearing, so another job will be to spray with a worm deterrent soon.

There are signs that the grass is starting to grow so it won't be long before I make the first cut of the season and then we can probably start the rolling.

The season is rapidly approaching!

Lots of action going on today at the Rec. Acaster Forge are installing the netting on top of the existing fence to stop the footballs being kicked onto the bowling green. Last year at least one person was hit by a ball whilst playing. Hopefully the new netting will stop it happening.