Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday 17th February

As the new season approaches I always wish that I had marked the corners of the square in some way at the end of the previous season so that it is easy to find the 4 marker pegs. Perhaps next year I will try a little harder.

With the sun shining today I thought that I would try and locate the marker pegs. Fortunately these pegs are metal pegs, so armed with my metal detector (bought off Ebay for a few pounds), a 30m surveyor's tape and a screwdriver, I set about the task.

The first one is always the hardest to find and after a minute or so plunging the screwdriver into the soft ground, I found the marker peg. The other three were found fairly quickly.

To make sure that I don't lose the position of the pegs I then marked them in with some white paint. Just under an hour's work and a job well done! 

Next job: time to kill off the moss!