Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday 17th February

As the new season approaches I always wish that I had marked the corners of the square in some way at the end of the previous season so that it is easy to find the 4 marker pegs. Perhaps next year I will try a little harder.

With the sun shining today I thought that I would try and locate the marker pegs. Fortunately these pegs are metal pegs, so armed with my metal detector (bought off Ebay for a few pounds), a 30m surveyor's tape and a screwdriver, I set about the task.

The first one is always the hardest to find and after a minute or so plunging the screwdriver into the soft ground, I found the marker peg. The other three were found fairly quickly.

To make sure that I don't lose the position of the pegs I then marked them in with some white paint. Just under an hour's work and a job well done! 

Next job: time to kill off the moss!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday 15th February

Like many small clubs we have to make do with a lot of second hand equipment or sometimes equipment we have made ourselves. This has been the case with the tamper that is used when repairing bowlers' footholes.

For years we have used one made from a small piece of plate steel, welded on to a metal bar. This has done the job but the handle is not really long enough and the steel handle always seems to be ice cold.

When in Homebase the other day I saw an ideal tamper and promised to buy it when Homebase next had a discount promotion on. Today was the day and so the club now has a a 'pucker' tamper, just the right size and with a rubber sleeve for holding and all for just under £25! I might just look forward to repairing those footholes now. 

The picture shows the new and the old tampers.