Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday 28th June

It is always satisfying when your labour brings its rewards.

On the allotment the first vegetables of the season are now cropping.

On the cricket field pitch number 5 has had over 1000 runs scored on it, with nearly 400 runs in the game yesterday, but it still came in for criticism from some of the opposition.

We left the covers on overnight Friday, more by luck than planning as we tried twice to take them off on Friday but had second thoughts. It was just as well as there was some heavy rain on Friday evening despite a forecast which said there would be no rain.

The cover once again did its job and the pitch was hard once the cover was removed Saturday morning. Having had three games on that pitch it is time to repair it and leave it until next season.

The pitch was badly worn through foot holes at both ends.

An hour later the ends were as good as new.

The Carnival game is planned for Thursday evening. This is going on pitch number 8. We haven't used 7 & 8 for a number of years now as they are the closest to the railway line, but each end of season we treat them as if we had, so it is time to start using both of them. 

Preparing the pitch has given me a chance to get rid of all the thatch which has built up over the years, which is another reason for playing games on them. We are hiring the ground out in August and that game will go on number 7.

Updated Monday 29th:

Managed to cut the square, and pitches 5,7 and the practice pitch this afternoon - all looking good in the sun!