Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday 15th June

Why is it that some batsmen need to make a 'mark' that is almost as long as a broom handle?

It clearly didn't do this batsman any good as few of the opposition on Saturday made any runs.

The foot hole caused by one of our bowlers was not too bad and was soon repaired this morning.

With the rain yesterday and the soaking the ground got on Friday night, it was a good time to repair pitch 3 and the SISIS Rotorake was the bit of kit to use.

It soon put some deep slits into the surface and with a light sprinkling of grass seed and a top dressing of loam, the job was soon done.

This evening Roy has cut the outfield and I have cut the square, tidied up the pitch from Saturday and cut the practice strip ready for tomorrow.

The Cubs were playing outside, a tennis match was going on and lots of people were turning up for a blood donation session in the Sports Hall.

With the evening sun it was a lovely place to be.