Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday 19th April

It was all action at the Rec this morning as the first major working party set about the many tasks needed to be done before next Saturday.

The new sightscreen was put together yesterday and safely stored in the compound.

First job today was to get the fencing down from around the square. John and Roy were down early and a lot had been done before the rest of the team arrived.

After that some of the lads set about putting the netting back up against the fence by the railway line, which had been pulled down by people trying to get their footballs back.

Andy and Evin put the lettering back on the scoreboard and the memorial clock went up.

Once the netting around the square was down the lads filled in the holes left by the posts.

Finally the working party start filling in the many divots on the outfield with topsoil.

Working parties on the next two nights should see the rest of the 2 tons of topsoil spread and the outfield looking much better.

Tomorrow the contractor is going to overseed the whole field and on Tuesday he is vertidraining the playing area.

At last, with the fencing down, the Rec is starting to look like a cricket ground.