Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday 17th April

Another action packed day at the Rec today.

First the scorebox was grey:

Then John painted it black:

Later, our sponsor and club member Joel, of Copmanthorpe Dining Club came down to put up his logo:

Not an easy job in the wind, by yourself and across two doors, but the result was fine:

You know the first game is not far away when you start to prepare the first pitch.

Initially a trim to get the grass down a little:

And then the hard work with the scarifier:

Cut, scarify, cut, scarify, over and over again, gradully lowering the height of the cut.

It is amazing how much grass comes off without lowering the blades too much:

A hour later and the first appearance of the of the true surface:

Over the next few days the process will be repeated until the grass is down to the required height and the scarifying has removed all of the long stalks of grass that have been flattened so are not cut by the mower.

One week to go and still much to be done, but the working parties over the next four days should make a big difference (if club members turn out to help!).