Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday 17th August

Until now, few weeds had appeared on the square, but I started to notice more and more appearing and so last Monday it was time to give it a spray for the common weeds. I wasn't planning to cut the square until Thursday so that would give it time for the weedkiller to work. Sure enough within a couple of days I could see the effect of the weedkiller and I was happy to do the pre-weekend work on Thursday morning.

Heavy rail was predicted Thursday night and Friday and so the cover went on as soon as the work has been done.

Friday was really wet and the cover stopped a lot of water getting on the pitch. A couple of hour's work Saturday morning, firstly getting the water off the cover, then giving the pitch a cut and finally putting the lines in. Just as I was locking up the phone rang. The opposition had cancelled! This was really frustrating coming through at 10.30am. I wonder if they were hoping that we would call the game off due to a waterlogged pitch. The sun shone for the rest of the day which added to the disappointment.

Copmanthorpe Cricket Club is not just a cricket club. It is a recreational family sports club, with cricket as its focus. This was never in more evidence than yesterday which reminded us all why we run the club and spend the hours that we do getting the ground ready for cricket. 

Our Chairman, assistant groundsman and long time player was 60 on Saturday (another reason why we were so disappointed that the game on Saturday was called off). His family had organised a surprise cricket match with players from across John's playing days coming from across to the country to be involved.

As this was a surprise all of the pitch preparation had to be left until the Sunday morning when John was being kept well away from the ground. Another couple of hours work making the square look as good as I could and we were ready for the 12.00 o'clock surprise.

The pitch we needed to use was a bit wet, was was in good enough condition to get a could game on it.

It was a lovely day, with the weather being better than the predicted clouds. John was totally surprised and thoroughly enjoyed his day, as did the rest of us. Friendships were renewed and new ones made. Joel laid on a lovely BBQ and the children played together without any falling outs. It is lovely to see a new generation growing up.

The birthday boy after a fine innings. To add to his day he caught his son out!

Yesterday was why I spend the hours that I do on the ground. Thanks to Daz and Becky for organizing the day. John won't ever forget it.