Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wednesday 8th July

Whilst the downpours have been good for the outfield which was so dry that the drainage channels were showing, the rain have played havoc with the preparation of pitch 2 which will be used on Saturday.

The cover went on Tuesday morning and by the afternoon it was covered in water.

This was the first chance to try our new petrol water pump which I had bought to help get the water off the covers (the end of the hose on the cover is being held down by the watering can!)

Joel and I spent some time trying different end attachments that I had made to cope with the small depth of water on the covers. Overall it was a great success.

In the evening a team took the cover off, rolled the pitch and put the cover back on as some rain was forecast for Wednesday.

The rain was forecast for early Wednesday afternoon and on this occasion the forecast was right. The rain was not heavy but sufficient for the covers to be in place. There was the possibility of some rain Wednesday evening, but not the heavy rain that came down around 7pm and lasted on and off for a couple of hours.

By Thursday morning the cover was covered in water.

Thankfully Joel was able to  remove the water, cover and roll the pitch in the morning. He tried a number of different hose nozzles on the pump and found the one that I first made to be the best, weighted down again by the watering can. In 20 minutes the water had been removed without the effort needed to use the BowDry.

This evening we are going to look at some wheeled covers that we have been offered at a very good price, so my next blog will give news on this and then on Monday there will be some pictures of our new bit of kit which is arriving Monday afternoon!