Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday 22nd May

A busy week away from cricket meant that I haven't put in the time this week that was perhaps needed. One consequence is that the 'stripes' on the square had disappeared which meant the markers had to come out again.

However my efforts elsewhere were productive:

If you like baking bread then I can recommend Side Oven Bakery near Driffield. All of the above were made on their one day course.

On Tuesday Joel and I put in an hour on the new pitch for Saturday just hand scarifying and cutting, only dropping the blades fractionally lower, yet still taking off a large amount of grass. Having assistance really helped as we took it in turn to scarify, firstly along the pitch, then across the pitch and whilst one was scarifying the other was cutting. 

Roy cut the outfield on Tuesday. The grass was last cut the previous Thursday and it had grown a lot in between.

John managed to get a couple of rolling sessions in after work.

Today saw a sight never been seen at the Rec before. Six club members were working on the pitch and outfield at the same time!

Roy was cutting the outfield, Joel the square, Dave Martin was mowing the the reseeded football goalmouths, John was putting in the new creases, I was making sure all was going as it should and Ali was lending a hand where he could, although the picture might suggest otherwise!

Three hours later and we were finished. Tomorrow morning we just need to give the pitch a trim and quick roll. The weather forecast is good so hopefully we won't all freeze as we have done for the past four weeks.

The club has been grateful to Acaster Steel for the sight screens that we have been using for the last 10 years or so, but now we have 2 new roll up mesh screens, the old screens are off to their new home at The Retreat. Our thanks go to Dave Purdy for all that he has done for the club and we hope that he will join us at the Rec for a drink in the near future.

Our thanks also go to James Wyatt who has supplied us with new fascia boards and guttering for the scorebox.