Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13th January

The weather was at last suitable to do some work at the club today. It was still cold, but at least sunny so I thought it was time to transfer one of the bags of topsoil into another bag that was the right way up. This turned out to be harder than I thought as the topsoil was quite damp. After an hour the job was done and I was very warm! Next week I will have a go at the other bag.

Twice a year the playing area (apart from square) is vertidrained and twice a year it is 'schockwaved'. Yesterday our contractor STS came and did a  'shockwave' treatment. Not only does this reduce the compaction giving better drainage, it also helps air get to the grass roots and encourages deeper root growth. Having this treatment for a number of years has certainly helped the grass withstand the weekly football games. Fortunately the Recreation Centre pays for this work to be done. The machine leaves the field looking like it has been sown with seed.

I learnt the other day that 'Grandfather Rights' for the purchase and spraying of chemicals, are ending in November this year. Although the major spraying at the Recreation Centre is done by STS, we still need to do some spraying, such as for worm control, as and when necessary. We also need to use a broad-spectrum herbicide such as glyphosate to control weeds in various parts of the Rec. This leaves us with a dilemma: does someone go on a course at a cost of £375 to get the certificates to allow us to purchase and use the chemicals or do we get a contractor in as often as is necessary?