Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tuesday 30th December

The sun makes the Rec look beautiful today, but with the temperature at just 1oC there is little that can be done at the moment. The picture shows some of the tracks caused when vehicles were taken onto the field for the firework display. These tracks will need repairing before the start of the season, as will the more extensive damage next to the square and in our 'covers' by the railway line.

With repair work in mind I have ordered 2 tons of topsoil from Inturf. The Rec pays for 10 tons of topsoil a year mainly to repair damage to the field after the football season.  I thought that Inturf would use a lifting device on the back of their lorry to carefully lower the bags where we wanted them. Unfortunately they came on the back of a small truck with the only way of getting them off being to tip them off. Consequently they ended upside down! Just another little job to shovel it into bags the right way up. Hopefully the Tuesday Group will help. The topsoil came from Grantham and is good stuff (£48 a bag!).